Sustainability Appraisal of the Revised Proposed Submission Development Management Plan

Ended on the 22 April 2014

5.0 Conclusions

5.1 The significant changes to the Development Management Plan as proposed have improved the Plan in sustainability terms. No negative effects have been recorded. As a result, there has been little change to the Sustainability Appraisal as presented in the previous report dated November 2012, other than the inclusion of additional development sites that now have planning consent.

5.2 Given the lack of negative effects resulting from this appraisal, it has not been necessary to identify mitigation measures that haven’t been taken on board already. The inclusion of a site policy for each development allocation in particular, has made much clearer what site specific issues need to be addressed from the outset and specifically addresses potential sustainability effects such as protecting greenspace, provision of new open space, addressing traffic impacts and heritage implications. The changes to the natural environment policies (SA references RSD19-22) also result in additional positive impacts that enhance the sustainability of the Development Management Plan in terms of the environmental objectives.

5.3 Whilst this appraisal has highlighted some uncertain impacts, the potential effects of these are not so significant to warrant recommendations for further changes.

5.4 It is therefore considered that the significant changes as assessed in this Sustainability Appraisal Report are the most appropriate alternatives, and should be taken forward into the final Development Management Plan.


5.5 The detailed information regarding Plan finalisation, adoption and monitoring is set out in the Final Sustainability Appraisal Report of the Development Management Plan (November 2012), and supplemented by the schedule of significant changes in Appendix D of the Revised Submission Development Management Plan. Overall however, the Council will continuously monitor the effects of the policies in sustainability terms and report on the outcome of this through Local Plan Monitoring Report.

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