Retention of Employment Land and Premises SPD

Ended on the 2 November 2015
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Appendix A - Marketing Campaign Checklist

Yes No Date


Contact made with the Council's Planning Department


Advice received from the Planning Department in relation to your proposal.



Did the advice request a marketing campaign to be undertaken? If

  • Yes - please continue steps below
  • No - An application can be submitted without following steps below


Written details of the required scheme received from Hastings Borough Council Development Control Department


Submission of details forwarded to the Council's Development Control Case Officer for consideration.
(the following must form part of your submission)
Site Particulars:


Are the following included?

  • external photo(s); description of the site/premises;
  • current permitted use and potential uses subject to planning; price and tenure; dimensions of:
    • building
    • internal rooms
    • gross internal area
    • size of the total site including any land
    • services;
  • restrictions and covenants that may affect the site;
  • location map extract; contact details for viewings (other relevant information to attract potential commercial investors should also be detailed)


Advertisement details:

  • A draft advert indicating the size and format together with confirmation of where the advert will be placed and its regularity.
  • Confirmation of how the property will be advertised including online advertising


For sale/to let Board:

  • Confirmation that a for sale/to let board will be erected on site


Evidence based information:

  • Details of negotiations, independent valuation and sales particulars prior to start of campaign.
  • The method and format of reporting progress of interested parties, copies of advertisements placed the date and publication
  • The methods and format of reporting the final marketing campaign and its results


Have the above details been formally agreed by the Council and written acceptance been received?


Has the start date and length of campaign been confirmed in writing?


Evidence based information:

  • Submission reports (at agreed intervals) to the Council's Development Control Case Officer including copies of advertisements placed, the date and publication.


Evidence based information:

  • Submission of final summary of marketing campaign to the Council's Development Control Case Officer for consideration.


Written confirmation received from the Council that the campaign has been undertaken in a manner that satisfies the requirements of Policy E4.

  • If yes please append all of the above evidence to any future planning application
  • If no further negotiations will be required before submitting a planning application
If you are having trouble using the system, please try our help guide.
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