Development Management Plan Consultation Document 3rd February - 27th April 2012

Ended on the 27 April 2012
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2 Part A - General Guidance


2.1 This section sets out a series of policy options for more detailed generic policies that will, if adopted through the Development Management Plan process, apply to most types of development. This includes the following:

General guidance: Development boundary
Ground conditions
Water resources
Housing and the community: Conversions of dwellings
Change of use of a dwelling for business use
Residential institutions
Historic and natural environment: Designated heritage assets
Non designated heritage assets and local lists
Defining the green infrastructure network
The economy: Town centre commercial and shopping areas
Commercial centres
Shops and services outside defined shopping areas
Small businesses
Tourist facilities
Caravan and camping sites

2.2 For each topic area, we have set out different policy options, taking into account:

  • Existing policies in the Hastings Local Plan 2004 - how effective they are in delivering our overall objectives
  • Current legislation, best practice and guidance on development management issues
  • Comments and issues raised through previous consultations on the Planning Strategy and the Big Map

2.3 Where “proposals” are mentioned in this section, this relates to any scheme or development that may require planning permission, from a new house, to an advertisement, to an extension or a whole employment area. This is something to consider when reading this document through, as some proposals may need more detailed guidance than others. Some could also be given further consideration during the plan making process, through the creation of Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Your comments

(52) 2.4 Please let us know which of the options presented you think is the right one. If there are options you don’t agree with please tell us why, or if we have missed any options, please tell us what they are using the comments box on the response form or the relevant section of the online system.

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