Employment Land Retention Supplementary Planning Document

Ended on the 15 February 2010
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2. Introduction

(1) 2.1 Policy E4 of the Hastings Local Plan (2004) makes clear that all employment land within the built up area will be safeguarded. However, this SPD is intended to provide helpful guidance to landowners/developers wishing to consider applying for a change of use or redevelopment of employment land (Business, Industrial and Warehousing land and premises) to an alternative use (outside of the B use classes from the Use Classes Order 2005). Employment land and premises incorporates all employment types defined in Classes B1, B2 and B8 of the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 2005. This SPD is one of a series produced by the Regeneration, Homes and Communities Directorate and should be read in conjunction with Policy E4 "Retaining Employment Uses" contained within the Hastings Local Plan 2004. Policy E4 is concerned with all employment land within the built-up area boundary (a summary of the relevant national, regional and local planning policy which underpins this SPD can be found in Appendix 3).

Local Plan Policy E4 - Retaining Employment Uses

Employment land within the built-up area will be safeguarded. Planning permission will not be granted for development which would result in loss of land used or held for:-

  1. Class B1 Business Use;
  2. Class B2 General Industrial Use;
  3. Class B8 Storage or Distribution Use;
  4. Any uses of a similar character to those above, but not falling within the specified Use Classes, e.g. depot, builder’s yard.

Exceptions to Policy E4 may occur where continued use of the site for such purposes would have an unacceptable impact on the amenities of neighbouring residents, or where the character of the area has changed over time, such that industrial/employment uses would be detrimental in that location. In order to sustain employment, the Council will seek to help businesses which are non-conforming uses or detrimental to a residential area to relocate to a more suitable location.

2.2 Planning applications will be assessed against these guidelines and criteria, together with the relevant policies contained within the Hastings Local Plan 2004. Proposals will only be permitted if the relevant guidelines, criteria and policy E4 are satisfied, along with any other relevant material considerations. This guidance will be used consistently in all cases where Policy E4 applies regardless of size, location and condition of premises.

2.3 Appendix 4 provides a summary of the local economic context which informs planning policy relating to employment land and buildings.

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