Visitor Accommodation Draft Supplementary Planning Document

Ended on the 31 January 2011
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(7) Appendix A

Information required in support of a planning application for the change of use of a hotel or guest house.

1. Location – evidence that the character of the area has changed to such an extent in recent years that it is no longer suitable for a tourism use. For example, if the area has become industrialised and is no longer an attractive location for staying visitors.

2. Evidence that the property has been marketed for sale for at least 2 years at a market price which reflects the existing use as a hotel or guest house, and the condition of the building. Evidence of marketing of the property should be submitted. This should include details of agents used, copies of brochures and advertisements with dates, records of response, interest shown and offers received with reasons for being rejected, if appropriate.

3. Evidence of business planning and performance against targets. This would normally take the form of an annual Business Plan. Where no such plan exists applicants should provide a reasoned justification as to why it has not been prepared.

4. Evidence of marketing of the building as a tourist facility over the last five years. This would include brochures, advertisements, web-sites, entries in Accommodation Guides etc.

5. Evidence of any capital upgrading of the premises by the present owner.

6. Evidence of the management experience of the present owner/manager.

7a Profit and loss account and

7b Detailed running costs for last three years, which should include:-

  • Type of establishment (guest house or hotel)

  • Number of operating days allotted for tourism use

  • Number of beds

  • Number of rooms

  • Average bed occupancy during operational period

  • Average room occupancy during operational period

  • Minimum and maximum rates per room

  • Revenues (net of VAT):

  • Average revenue from rooms

  • Average revenues from beds

  • Revenue from food

  • Revenue from beverages

  • Other revenues

  • Operating expenses:

  • Wages

  • Cost of sales (food, beverages etc.)

  • Laundry, linen and guest supplies

  • Energy

  • Sales and marketing

  • Insurance

  • Business rate

  • Maintenance

  • Administration (daily administration cost, stationery and telephone charges)

  • Other operating expenses

  • Depreciation

  • Loan interest (where applicable)

  • Owners’ or shareholders’ dividends paid.

8. Evidence of the physical condition of the building, including surveyor’s reports, which should include an estimate of cost, if significant repair is required. Evidence should also be provided of the impact of this on future viability of the business.

9. Evidence of the scope for refurbishment of the building to upgrade facilities. A surveyor’s report, to include an estimate of cost, will be required, together with evidence of the impact of this on future viability of the business.

10. Evidence of the market value of the premises:

  1. in their present condition,

  2. after repairs, if required, and

  3. after refurbishment, if required.

11. Details of the original business plan and why it has not been met.

12. Evidence of whether the premises could be converted to other tourist accommodation e.g. language school.

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