Water resources

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Development Management Plan Consultation Document 3rd February - 27th April 2012

Representation ID: 3477

Received: 12/04/2012

Representation Summary:

The whole Document is so flawed it is difficult to understand how it was allowed to be printed in its present form.

Ground Water Resources "WHAT" is the team actually referring to? The Soak-aways that are now a legal requirement and the impact that will take place on Neighbours properties? Or is it the constant culverting of natural spring water courses? Denying large numbers of wildlife species access to supplies of water. Or is the reference made to the very large underground tanks that are used to store rain water from houses out building roofs pavements and concrete paths. There are so many very large storage tanks along our watercourses now that during long spells of inclement weather THE TANKS PIPE LINES carry on over filling the local streams for many days. So WHERE? Do you have in mind that the ground water that normally drains away in the sub soils be going in your proposed building site plans?

When it is obvious that serious degrees of interference will take place downstream. I would dearly like to see HOW your solution is intended to function on a daily basis; (Wildlife properly catered for across the Borough and Neighbours properties not interfered with by marauding starving badgers or the soaking wet subsoil causing instability problems as is happening at this time at "Brackendale"(south of Hawthorn Road) Hastings* for example*.